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Technological Advancement Brought Super Heroes into Kids Control

ImageSince the technology storm had hit the globe, human lives are entirely transformed. The people are carrying technology in shape of gadgets to make their lives more easy and convenient. These gadgets have made the people more demanding due to the day by day improvement in the features. To provide advance features to the technology addicts, the companies have started to spend huge amount of money on research and development to by with they can create unique features to cater the latent need of the people. With strong R&D departments and creative staff, the companies like digital experiential agencies, design and development companies have started to play on the latent needs of the people which have paid-off. The lives are totally transformed by these technological advancement and day to day innovations have captured an important spot in daily life. Same thing happened with i-Phone and Android app making industry which has made people more demanding regarding the feature they carry with their devices.

The new applications are emerging everyday which has made i-Phone and android users more selective regarding their final choice of downloading an app. They are much more aware of using the apps and now they are also able to differentiate the similar apps on the basis features.  When we talk about free apps a huge cluster opens in front of us on iTunes and Android. This cluster contains apps for every user who belongs to any age group. The grown-ups can find a huge number of apps in every category whereas kids can also find stuff for them. In childhood, everyone was fond of superheroes and almost everyone use to draw the superheroes according to his/her drawing skills. For this Superhero following segment (Kids), Off-Road Studios (Digital Experiential agency) has created an addictive kid’s game named as Superhero Maker in which Kids can create and dress up their own super hero. That’s not all because they can also play the game with their self-created hero and share their results over the social network. Super Heroes Maker for  I-Phone and Super Heroes Maker for Android  both versions are free and easy to download. I have tried this app and taken the reviews from the players and found it interesting enough to advise all my readers try it for your kids. The Kids will love to design their own superheroes and play different levels of the game with it.